Sharp Water Purifier Pitcher


Stylish DesignStylish Design No Electricity
No Electricity
5 Layer Cartridge
5 Layer Cartridge


Key Features

  • No electricity required
  • Uses gravity for water purification
  • No water contamination
  • Pick right up after a power cut
  • Protection from water micro-bacteria

We have always found it difficult to get good quality of water during our travels and other visits and depend upon packaged drinking waters without knowing the purification process involved. So, Sharp has come up with an water purification pitcher to solve this problem. These water purification pitchers are compact and easy to carry anywhere and most admirable fact in this is, it doesn’t need any source of energy like electricity for purification. It works with gravity and density. The gravity helps to settle down all the impurities in the water and gives us the pure water anywhere we go.


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