Best Sharp RO Water Purifier WJ-400-W – 4 Stage Filtration

WJ-400-W Specifications

Product Water Purifier WJ-400-W
Color Indian tadeonal art on off-white background
Dimension 810mm X 292mm X 550mm (WxDxH)
Working Pressure 0.4 – 0.6 MPa
In Out Water Temp 10 – 38 °C
Flow Rate 2L/Minute (minimum) – 7.8L/Hour (maximum)
Faucet Included
Filter Life Reminder LCD Display

The RO Water Purifier of the Sharp works with the most advance technology that allows the water to settle down with its natural flow from high density to low density fluid. The water pass through a special membrane to filter only the unnecessary microbes and lets all other good nutrients in the water. So, this helps us to get the purest form of water which is not readily available for everyone.


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