RO Water Purifier in Adyar

Made in India Made in India
Stylish Premium Design Stylish Premium Design
Wall Mounting Wall Mounting
6 Stage Filtration 6 Stage Filtration
UV LED in Tank UV LED in Tank

Why Sharp RO Water purifier in Adyar, Chennai

  • The sharp RO water purifier brand supplied by ROUV Distributers
  • Its premium & Best quality RO Water Purifier
  • Less drainage, higher recovery with the durable, advanced and powerful RO membrane
  • DOW RO membrane ensures more than 50% water recovery
    (This filter helps to recover more than 50% water. To ensure that water is saved, DOW RO membrane in the sharp water purifier secures every half a drop of water resources)
  • The source water is between 6 to 6.5 pH [neutral]
  • The objective is to balance body pH at 7.365
  • We recommend neutral & natural drinking water to create a balanced diet for healthy gut and body



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